The Freedom to Learn Anything

Photo of an eagle I took outside my home 2014

Wow!  If I had the freedom to learn anything what would it be??  My mind is spinning and racing with all of these things I want to learn about.  Then I think a little longer and I wonder if it is just one thing that I am to choose or is it several things? Or is it one thing a week for this class?  Then I become tired!  Then I want to pick something I enjoy and that students might enjoy.  I want it to be meaningful, beneficial, and perfect.  Now, I don’t have freedom anymore.  It is like Sir Ken Robinson said, “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original” (Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk How Schools Kill Creativity).  I become stuck and constricted in my fear of it not being meaningful, beneficial, and perfect.  Then I am reminded of Bud Hunt’s definition of play. He says play is “the search for freedom within constraints” (Bud Hunt Centering on Essential Lenses).

I have narrowed it down to learning how to cook healthy and fast meals, playing the guitar, learning sign language, learning Spanish, and stress management. I am very busy with school, full-time job, part-time job, and maintaining a household (including yard). I don’t have time to cook. I do make the time and it is usually something in the slow cooker that will cook itself or it is eggs and frozen vegetables.  This is fine however, it gets boring and then I start to crave something “bad”!

I do love music! Listening to it anyway. When I was little, my family would play this game called “Who is this?”.  When a song would come on the radio, someone would say, “who is this?” and we would try to guess who was singing it. I grew up with records (and a record player) that were played until they wore out! Then we graduated to a tape deck (cassette player) and eventually a CD player. My family and I still play this game!  I have been known to play it with friends and even people I work with (to their dismay sometimes-mostly because I always win!).  I have an acoustic guitar.  I have had it for years. I have taken lessons from several sources throughout the years and even tried to learn on my own.  Still don’t know. Don’t have the patience to practice maybe, or maybe, my head gets in the way!

I took a sign language class when I was younger and I also took two years of Spanish in high school.  I think knowing another language is valuable.  Honestly, as I am writing this, my heart is pulling me towards stress management.  It is something I have struggled with all my life.  I never learned how to manage it in school. I think it is a good thing for adults to know.  I also think it would be a good thing to teach elementary students. They may not (or they may) have a lot of stress in their lives (yet!) however, maybe they will one day and then they will know how to handle it.  Also, I think some of the stress management skills can be related to the “8 things” that Logan Laplante talks about that are essential to being happy.


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8 thoughts on “The Freedom to Learn Anything

  1. I loved how you brought us through your entire thinking process throughout this post. You didn’t just tell us your end result! I think that the stress management idea is fantastic and can be helpful to you and in your classroom! Good post!


  2. I think it is awesome how you gave us your whole process trying to figure out what you wanted to do. I think stress management would be a great thing to learn more about! I’m excited to hear what you learned, and maybe it can even help me. Good luck and great post!!


  3. You posted what so many of us are thinking! were do we go with this freedom. Most of us have never had this type of freedom and want to stay safe so we don’t mess up or do it wrong! I like how your putting so many creative good thoughts out there! Good Luck!


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